Community Outreach

Main Street
Church of God
4211 Main Street
Anderson, IN  46013


At Main Street we understand that the church was never created to be a fortress to protect us from the world, but a refueling station from which we are to launch out into the world. As such, we partner with several church- and para-church organizations to address the needs of the hungry, the homeless, and the hurting right here in Madison County.

Some of the community service organizations supported by Main Street are:

Operation Love  -  Dove Harbor

The Christian Center  -  The Salvation Army  -  Habitat for Humanity

Main Street Church of God is becoming more and more active in the Anderson community and beyond. Periodically, we visit nursing homes and assisted living residences, conduct neighborhood cleanups, and take mission trips to disaster relief areas, such as Joplin, Missouri, Henryville, Indiana, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We've taken Vacation Bible School outside the four walls of the church, and into the community.

Operation Abundance in a bi-annual project focused on providing clothing and blankets for the needy in central Indiana. At Thanksgiving, we collected and deliver meals to combat community hunger and share the love of Christ.

Our Spring Fling festival offers games, carriage rides, live music, and food--ALL FREE--to the community.

A wide variety of community outreach activities and service projects are scheduled each year.


Joplin Tornado Disaster Relief 2011