Main Street 

Special Event!

Ron & Carolyn Patty

In Concert!

Sunday, April 10 - 6 p.m.

Hosted by Main Street Church of God, in
 partnership with Church of God Ministries, 
Ron & Carolyn Patty will present a FREE concert (no admission charge) featuring timeless songs of our faith! 

Ron and Carolyn Patty (parents of Sandi Patty) have worked their way into the hearts of gospel music fans of all ages. 
Ron's high tenor voice and Carolyn's virtuosic piano stylings never cease to inspire and uplift. Save the date! 

For more information, contact 
Carl at (765) 635-6142 or e-mail pastorcarl@mainstreetcog.n

A freewill love offering will be available for those who wish to support Ron and Carolyn's ministry.